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Ruffed Grouse Hunt


In the pictures above you may see two things. One my buddy Neil and I don't make the best dressed list, but we didn't get cold and it was around 30 degrees that morning. The next thing you may have noticed, is that day we hunted around old beaver meadows. I think that beaver meadows are a great area to find grouse, it's a natural clear cut that give birds new growth food and cover. Beaver meadows may not make for the easiest shooting, with thick pine and brush, but I see birds on them or at least hear them. that day Neil got one, and if I remember it right I missed 4, the sun was in my eyes.

A little work before the season can save you from a bad start next year. I like to get out in the woods on walks and hike as soon as the snows gone listening for grouse drumming, this gives me an idea of how many birds are in a particular area. Iíll also mark these birds on a map or a sketch of the area, so that I can find them that fall. In late summer, August and September I start to bring the dog along with me looking to have him get use to finding sent and working in on bird. Donít limit your late summer scouting to only the spots where you heard drumming that spring, as the birds may have not been drumming on the day you where there. Iíd also like to say that, well scouting it is important to keep your distance in the spring and early summer, as this is the time that the females are on the nest or with their broods.


First of all you need a ruffed grouse, next be careful with the tail after you have shot it and on the way home. Next cut the tail off leaving some of the smaller tail feathers and a small amount of meat. Then spread out fan on cardboard and use pins on each of the big feathers and salt meat. Let set two weeks and you'll have a nice keepsake.


First of all you have the breast that is eaten. Then the wings that can be used for dog training, if not for your dog for a friends dog and last that I know of is the back, neck and tail feathers that can be used for tying flies for fishing. I had little trouble finding people that tie flies. If you know of any other way to make good use of your harvest, let us know on this sites guest book or Email us, we'd love to hear from you!!!

The sketch below is by this sites Author, and is titled "Gunner's Day". It was inspired here in Vermont on a beautiful fall day two years ago.


More Ruffed Grouse Hunt is on the way. I'd like to invite you to e-mail any suggestions, Ruffed Grouse stories, pictures or your how to articles to this sites e-mail, and I'll try to get them on the site. Please include your name and/or the name of the photographer, so your name/s will be attached to your material.