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Ruffed Grouse Hunt

01-08-02 It's not at all to me about the great job Gunner did this year, he was on top of his game and worked as hard as ever. This is why it has come as such a surprise to us that this almost six year old dog has cancer. The last week of the season he showed a little sign that he'd lost some of his spring, I thought it may have just been that he was getting run down from the long season. Then as if he was holding it back his muscles started to twitch within days of the seasons end, I Thought okay he twisted something. He started to drink more and of course urinate more. I gave him a bath and found that he had two lumps one in each arm pit. So it was strait to the Vet, I was hoping at this point it may have been limes disease or something like that. They ran all the non-cancer tests and found nothing. This leaves us with one thing in mind. The call came from the vet his calcium is high, Okay it's cancer. Now it's back to the vet for more tests. Well the tests are in it is cancer he's on prednisone now and it looks as if he's in no pain. This has been a shock to us, I'll keep you up to date on his treatment.

01-09-02 The type cancer is called Lymphoma, he's not twitching at all and his glans(bumps I found) are going down. He's eating like a hog.

01-10-02 Gunner is doing great, his glans are most of the way down.

01-11-02 Gunner is still doing great, He will be going back to the Vet in three days I'll up date everyone again then.

01-15-02 Gunner is doing good. The vet gives him afew months. The Prednisone is doing a great job, Gunner is acting and eating like his old self again. Also the twitching was do to the very high calcium levels in his blood. I'm hoping that this information will be of some help to someone.

01-27-02 Gunner is not doing that well he is still himself but is slowing down. I think he is near his time. We will miss him and I thank him for all the great times he gave me.

01-28-02 Gunner has past, but he left behind alot of thought and ideas for me. Gunner was alot more then a pet to me, he was my first bird dog and he taught me so much about training and handling that I could never thank him enough, he will be missed.