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Southern Vermont Chapter Of The Ruffed Grouse Society

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It is this sites intention to inform you the viewer of up coming events, on going projects in our area and of chapter meetings times and dates.

Our Mission

The Ruffed Grouse Society's role in conservation of wildlife habitat is to enhance the environment for the RUFFED GROUSE, AMERICAN WOODCOCK, and other forest wildlife that require or utilize thick, young forests. Since forests are dynamic and constantly changing and man has virtually eliminated the fires that shaped much of the forested land we know today, forests must be managed to obtain the products (wildlife, timber products, recreation, and water) that we all need and enjoy. Management normally requires a plan based on the landowners wishes, or mandate in the case of public land managers.

Becoming a Member: call 1-888-JOIN-RGS for info or visit the main RGS web site for more info.

Member news and announcements

Litter Announcement:

Small Munsterlander Pointer Pups

Whelping expected Aug. 13, 2002

Sire:  NAVHDA Versatile Champion Andreas v O'Meara/Sengpiel (Hans)
OFA good, SMCNA Dog of the Year in 2001, 2002. See
Dam: Rhode's End Zara (Zora)
OFA excellent. Great hunting desire and loves water.

Beautiful, closeworking, versatile pointing dogs.Males $700, females $750.
Contact: Solon Rhode, Rhodes's End Kennel. (802)447-2624.




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Phone: (802) 442-9204 ask for Dan.

Mailing address;  Dan Mazzola 462 Twitchell Hill Rd Shaftsbury, VT 05262

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